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Strategies of Success: Stop Reinventing What Works & Up The Value Of Your Products

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Strategies of Success: Stop Reinventing What Works & Up The Value Of Your Products


This guide is a collection of 59 of the best “meta-level” or “operating system” strategies I’ve run across through the ~500 books I’ve read in the last few years.

While each individual strategy cue card may be useful by itself, it is meant to be a prompt for your own thoughts, actions, products, and services.


No one wants to read raw data from a database. No one wants to read a pivot table of rolled up data, either. Even further, no one wants to read about a bunch of prettied-up facts put in a readable book format. People want wisdom they can apply to their lives today. In fact, the included “DIKW Pyramid” strategy card covers this point.

For every product, service, or goal you put in place… for every blog post you do, every video you plan, and every presentation you give… for everything that you do, do not reinvent the wheel of strategy and turning information into actionable wisdom.

Use the hard work of others to help turn what you have into something your audience wants. Do this and you will be providing more valuable content that will reward your audience and your efforts.

This guide and it’s application is relevant to everything you do at work, in your side business, at home, in relationships, parenting, and in hobbies. Your task is to figure out how to make them fit, and then implement.

Here is a short sample of a few of the strategies included inside (there are 59 total):

Approaching the Unapproachable

  • 6 Step to do the Work of Worrying
  • Tackle the Fear of Starting
  • Warning Signs for Procrastination

Creatively Creating

  • 4 Common Characteristics of Any Conscious Creation
  • 6 Principles of Successful Ideas
  • Creating a Learning Video Workflow

Focusing Forward

  • 9 Essentials of 80/20 Success at Work
  • Google 70-20-10 Rule
  • SMART and RED-E Goals

Market and Audience Research

  • 10 Most Stressful Life Events
  • Defining Your Best Customers’ Market
  • Top 3 Issues for Arguments (Men & Women)

New Ideas and Products

  • 5 Major Distractions
  • DIKW Pyramid
  • Full 4MAT Process

Talking and Convincing

  • 5 Basic Stages of How an Angry Person Develops (Bell Curve)
  • Using the Metaphoric Method
  • Utilization Approach to Hypnotherapy

Understanding Soft Skills

  • 4 Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) Competencies of Relationship Management
  • Process of (non-woo-woo) Manifestation

And oh so much more. Ready to ride the shoulders of giants in your business and life?

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