Just Say Something! Use Small Talk To Succeed At Work, Empower Introverts, & Handle Annoying Coworkers


Become skilled at the fine art of "Just Say Something!" and you'll be well on your way to succeeding at work, empowering your introverted tendencies, and handling annoying coworkers.

This book is about overcoming the fear of using small talk as a useful communication tool for greater success in life, careers, and professional relationships. You deserve more, right?


Too often, the folks at work will complain about not having any real connections, advancement, or decision making power in their jobs. But yet, it’s not clear what they’re doing about it. In fact, they don’t even have an answer when questioned about it.

What are you doing to turn these moments for “avoiding small talk” into moments for “using small talk” to get ahead at work and in life?

Here’s how Just Say Something can help you:

  • Increase your visibility and professional image
  • Overcome shyness and regain confidence
  • Avoid all-too-common networking mistakes
  • Define your professional objectives and save time
  • Avoid people who waste your time and life
  • Build rapport with everyone you meet

== Table of Contents ==========

Ch. 1: The Dreaded Awkward Silence

Ch. 2: Why Is Small Talk So Hard For Introverts?

Ch. 3: Small Talk Tips and Scenarios
- An Infinite Topic Bank
- General Topics
- Personal Topics
- Avoid These Topics Forever
- The Right Environment

Ch. 4: Rules For Successful Small Talk
- Transformational Listening
- Focused Timing and Frequency
- Conversational Rhythm
- Ultimate Personal Respect
- Masterful Record-Keeping

Ch. 5: Assertive Small Talk Strategy
- Technicians
- Subject Matter Experts
- Middle Management
- Executive Management
- Vendors
- Customers and Clients

Ch. 6: Defensive Small Talk Strategies
- Gossipers
- Chatty Chris’s
- Micromanagers
- Know It Alls

Ch. 7: Let The Small Talk Begin


When you’re ready to turn small talk into a skill you look forward to using, instead of hanging your head low and avoiding eye contact, then give Just Say Something a try.

  • You'll get a PDF file.

  • Size
    932 KB
  • Length
    37 pages
  • You'll get a PDF file.
  • Size932 KB
  • Length37 pages
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Just Say Something! Use Small Talk To Succeed At Work, Empower Introverts, & Handle Annoying Coworkers

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