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Push The Dang Button: Overcome The Fear of Starting, Get Things Done, & Value Your Productivity


Finding it hard to actually get useful things done?

Do you lack the motivation to start working on a new goal?

Have a project you've wanted to complete but aren't sure how to get going again?

Push The Dang Button already!

This book is about helping stuck people finally get things done in life. This book is about empowering people to overcome paralysis by analysis and adopt strategies to be more productive. It's all about recognizing now is the time to press the dang button and get going.


Everyone needs help overcoming the fear of starting. Whether it’s at the beginning, the middle, or wherever they’re at. Knowing that they can start at many mutually awesome places, instead of just one perfect place, is a wonderful breakthrough thought that a lot of people need help with.

Understanding genesis is all about seeing how what’s inside of you progresses through to an outcome that helps everyone else out. We all have a lot of mental programming that was useful for us at the time that we used and learned it, but might not be as useful anymore. We need to take an active approach to reprogramming ourselves and to guide the new useful thoughts that come out into feelings that push us forward to achieve the things that matter most.

When we focus on consciously creating, instead of just sitting back and watching things happen, we begin to get things done. We know we don’t have to be the most original or creative people in the world to create something that changes lives, whether our own or someone else’s. We can recombine what exists, leverage our resources, and completely change the way things are done just by simply retelling the story from our own point of view.

==[ Table of Contents ]==

The Art of Pushing Buttons

Part 1: The Fear Of Starting

Ch. 1: Starting Points
Ch. 2: You’re Allowed To Learn As You Go
Ch. 3: Chunking For The Win!

Part 2: The Process Of Genesis

Ch. 4: Programming Leads To Thoughts
Ch. 5: Thoughts Create Feelings
Ch. 6: Feelings Drive Actions
Ch. 7: Actions Bring Results

Part 3: Conscious Creation

Ch. 8: Rearrange The Existing
Ch. 9: Leverage What You’ve Got
Ch. 10: People, Ideas, And The Flow Of Things
Ch. 11: Providing Value To The World

Part 4: The Stages Of Want

Ch. 12: Getting It Down
Ch. 13: Ultimate Love
Ch. 14: Wanting It More
Ch. 15: Heat Seeking Mission

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Push The Dang Button: Overcome The Fear of Starting, Get Things Done, & Value Your Productivity

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