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Marketing & Landing Page Graphics Package #1


Make Your Marketing Message Loud and Clear - Your Customers Are Watching!

Works can only go so far in today's fast paced, short-attention spanned audience of super fast clickers.

They've seen every trick in the book, they know the sales and landing page routines, and they are just plain tired of it.

Forget the way-overused images you see in those marketing image packages that have been available for so long now. (or, let's be honest, that you pulled from Google image search...)

You want to look original, effective, and to convey the real-ness factor to your prospects.

How about 707 brand-spanking new images that cover all the bases?

arrows, asterisks, dollar signs, checkmarks, x's, numbers, emoticon faces, cross-outs, circles, underlines... you name it.

And when you buy this images package, you can use them in ANY applications (commercial or not) without attribution (though the images may not be sold or re-purposed as stand-alone items (i.e. must be used in a project, page, or more comprehensive product). Sounds fair, right?

Don't spend days trying to come up with your own, toiling over a drawing tablet, meticulously editing, erasing, and trying to get everything to look just right. Your time is more valuable!

I should put a big smiley face and checkmark right here.

Check it out and start making your landing pages convert more customers into lifelong fans.

I want this!

You'll get one ZIP file that contains 707 marketing images neaty organized and ready to use.

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Marketing & Landing Page Graphics Package #1

I want this!