Real Marketing To The Fitness & Health Target Market


This book presents you with detailed answers from potential customers in the Fitness & Health target market to help you better understand how to sell to them, talk to them, and build lifelong relationships with them.

Interviews With Customers In Your Niche Audience
Marketing Strategies Series, Vol. 3 of 10

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You Don't Know What Your Target Market Wants and It's Killing Your Bottom Line

You've spent the past 3 years sinking your life into your small business or online ventures and have some results. But can you really say you're solving a problem that your customers really have? Are they running to your door waiting to throw money at you so they can get their pain eased?

Do you even know who your real customers are? What they look like, what they do on a daily basis, what small details in their normal life are you missing that are stopping you from getting more out of your business?

Can you wrap your head around just how much money you've left on the table because you don't know what your niche audience needs to make their lives easier? Could finding out stop you from running up against the "5 year failure mark" that most small businesses slam into?


  • You need to stop guessing what they want and start knowing.
  • You need quality responses from real people.
  • You want to pay a fraction of the cost of traditional market research.

Real Marketing Matters To You

I had this same problem as you some time ago. That's when I started making quizzes with survey questions embedded in them. That's when I started emailing my customers, hopping on the line, and getting some real feedback as to what they needed in their daily duties.

And then I wanted to expand. I started helping people in oil & gas, healthcare, fitness & health, personal development, entrepreneurship, internet marketing, teaching, training, and so much more. How the heck was I supposed to know what these people really needed?

Hundreds of thousands of test results later, several thousands in market research and surveys, hundreds of hours in analysis and assessment... all done so I could get a better understanding of the real pains at hand for my potential clients.

And now you can have this mound of resource-intensive research rolled up into a simple, effective, and extremely affordable package with the Real Marketing series.

Your Growth and Gain Awaits

It's time to get serious and consider just what you can have in your hands in less than a few minutes through this excellent ereader platform:

  • Absolutely delight your customers by how much you know their needs and they WILL come back for more
  • Forget focus groups - get personal, get inside, and be in their heads for ultimate clarity
  • Save your money, multiply your efforts, and boost your upward trajectory - it's time for efficient growth
  • See what others in your niche are doing and be one step ahead - the winning position

Here are some of the other Real Marketing niches:

  • Fitness & Health
  • Customer Service
  • Real Estate
  • Busy Parents
  • Make Money Online
  • Human Resources
  • Pets & Ownership
  • Weight Loss / Dieting
  • Relationships & Dating
  • Beauty & Grooming

Visitors, Clients, Prospects = Infinite Sources

>40,000 site visits per month, over 350,000 tests taken to-date, 600,000 target views on YouTube, 325% growth in revenue in my own business, and the personal confidence to know I'm not just throwing my money away anymore.

What the heck else do you need to know? Knowledge is power and time-in-the-stream is pure gold... if you've got your ears and eyes pointing in the right direction... your customer's direction.

Get the Real Marketing Book Today & Regain Control Over Your Business' Growth

There's no excuse for blind-folded marketing.

You'll never get from where you're at now to where you want to be unless you change the way you're doing business today. Ships in the harbor and all that. It's time to set sail and actually know which island you're headed to.

Buy the book today, digest it ASAP, and implement your learnings in your business before you waste another dollar on a marketing guessing campaign.

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Real Marketing To The Fitness & Health Target Market

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