Jungian 16 Types Personality Test

This personality test is more detailed, thorough, and has much more robust results. It finds your 4-letter Jungian type, runs you through your biggest opportunities for success, what kind of jobs are best for you, and how you can capitalize on what you learn for your personal and professional growth.

This includes the test & full results combined in a complete printable PDF eBook.


How to Discover More of Yourself

Inside, you’ll get hints through this career personality test to find jobs that match your type, some of your biggest opportunities for growth, and even famous people that share your type.

  • Increases relationship, marriage, and team understanding
  • Improves your career and future development
  • Gives you the tools to boost your communication skills

Find your Jungian type inside, and start exploring your future possibilities.

Which of Jung’s 16 Personality Types Are You?

The Jungian 16 Type Personality Test is designed to measure how you like to look at the world and make decisions. Inside, you’ll find your 4 letter Jungian type and will be able to start making a difference today with practical, useful, and simple tips. Here are the 16 personality types covered:

  • ISTJ (Inspector)
  • ISFJ (Protector)
  • INFJ (Counselor)
  • INTJ (Mastermind)
  • ISTP (Crafter)
  • ISFP (Composer)
  • INFP (Healer)
  • INTP (Architect)
  • ESTP (Promoter)
  • ESFP (Performer)
  • ENFP (Champion)
  • ENTP (Inventor)
  • ESTJ (Supervisor)
  • ESFJ (Provider)
  • ENFJ (Teacher)
  • ENTJ (Fieldmarshal)

Even if you’ve taken Jungian type tests before, the detailed information inside isn’t found anywhere else. You get the test and guided help here.

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Jungian 16 Types Personality Test

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