Chickenade: Staying Motivated At Work, No Matter What Life Hands You


This book is about discovering the 4-step process to regaining control of motivation in your career and personal life. Take what life hands you and turn it into a more successful future.

Step 1: Understand Your Goals
Step 2: Find The Reasons Why
Step 3: Learn To Change Today
Step 4: Design Your Future Success

You ready to take what life throws at you and turn into fuel for your inner fire?

Get "Chickenade: Staying Motivated At Work, No Matter What Life Hands You" today and regain control over your future.


Looking to be more motivated at work or just stop being lazy? This new book from Richard N. Stephenson will help you overcome obstacles to be more motivated, successful, and well on your way to making your job into a fulfilling career.

Here is a high-level overview of what’s inside waiting for you.


Part 1: Understanding Your Goals:

  • Where you’ve been… and how it’s important, but only the beginning
  • Where you want to be… to make life more enjoyable, fun, successful, etc…
  • What will it take to get there… actual work, planning, effort, learning, sweat, etc…
  • Is where you are now the right place? Where did you plan to be, is any of that met, is there a future, is it meeting your needs, are you happy?
  • What can you get out of it now until you find the right place? Re-frame the situation to be an opportunity to grow and learn.

Part 2: The Reasons Why:

  • Sustenance: providing for your basic human needs, security, and safety net, etc…
  • Family / support: providing for your family (immediate or otherwise) and for any future family to come, etc…
  • Fun / future: setting up the base for an enjoyable life, future goals, and leaving a legacy, etc…
  • Gaining experience & skills: working to gain skills and experience that is aligned with your future goals and plans, etc…
  • Good work ethic: be a good role model, do the right thing, make a positive difference even if you’re not planning on being there forever, etc…

Part 3: Go Ahead And Change Today:

  • Working area: what needs to change in your work area, environment, and work-space to help you get more out of your daily activities?
  • Coworkers: what needs to change or how can you get more out of all interactions with your coworkers (on-the-clock, after-hours, in meetings, through communication, etc.)
  • Your importance: where do you fit in the overall picture? How can you make your part mean more, have a greater impact, and add more value to the company?
  • Running to-do list: compile everything you have to do (or want to do or plan to do at work) and make a mega-list of things to-do. Prioritize and do what matters most first, but always have something to fall back on.
  • Current habits: start becoming aware of the habits you have now that might be setting you up for lack of motivation (or laziness!) at work. Make a log, make a system, make it work to help you work better.

Part 4: Setup Your Future:

  • Motivations: what are your personal motivations and how are they important to your goals and future? How can you work them into your daily activities and workplace advancement?
  • Internal focus goals: really focus on the internal goals you have that help drive you forward no matter what happens in the world. These are the life-lines that you need to keep coming back to no matter what.
  • External focus goals: these are the nice-to-have external rewards, acknowledgements, and achievements you can aim for that affect you from the outside in. Know that these won’t provide long-term motivation but are great for short boosts.
  • Review and optimize: look back at your progress thus far and see what kind of patterns, wins, and loses you’ve noticed. What worked and why? What did you learn from the failures? How can you change things to be better the next time around?
  • Planning ahead: actually change your environment, your habits, your tools, and even your internal dialog so you set yourself up for future success. Here you’re picking up everything you’ve learned at transforming you future into the goals you want with the very first steps you need to take today.
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  • You'll get a PDF file.
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Chickenade: Staying Motivated At Work, No Matter What Life Hands You

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